Profit From The First Trade

Blockchain Based Binary Options

60% back to players. For each and every bet, our users get BVB token and share of our profits.

Up to x100
You do not play against the "house" or market. You play against each other, that allows you to win up to x100 on one trade.

Instant Payout
You bet directly from your wallet. You instantly get your reward back to your wallet.

Maximum transparency. Anybody can check our smart-contracts and transactions.

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Investing Made Fun
Earn your first profit in less than 1 minute
1. Predict
Is the price is going UP or DOWN in the next 30 seconds?
2. Wait
Watch the price, enjoy Bitcoin's volatility
3. Get Paid
Win up-to x10 and get it straight to your wallet.
Mobile App
30-Second Games
Perfect for on-the go people. Waiting in a line? Office? You always have time to earn.
Portrait Orientation
No an awkward landscape app. Tight grip, high earnings.
We spend extra time to make sure that our app works on all phones and screen-sizes.
All benefits of blockchain and decentralization in your pocket.
Play On Desktop
You hold your assets. Nobody can freeze or lock them.
Lightning fast transactions
Easy fiat conversion and P2P payments.
Easy Top-up & Withdrawal
Any Payment Provider
You can withdraw your earning from an exchange of hundreds of payment providers.
Credit Card
Top-up & Withdraw directly from your card.
No Holds
Nobody can freeze your earnings. Welcome to blockchain.
Press & Partners
Chance to win 500 TRX & 200 BVB
One random winner every week.
Just leave your e-mail.

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