How PVP trading is better than gambling?

Most gamblers have a sad experience with casinos. Do you know many stories about how a player got rich by beating the house? Of course, there are such cases, but they are extremely rare. And these are professional players who have been developing their own systems for years to beat the casino. But even they don't do it often.

On the other hand, there are many examples of those who made a fortune on binary options. Why is that so? Binary options trading is much simpler than classic trading and, in addition, more profitable. This is the main secret behind traders' success.

Why casinos always win?

Many people know the saying "at the end of the day, the house always wins". It didn't come out of nowhere. The casinos have indeed designed the system to get the upper hand: it is based on well-thought-out mathematical models and is set up against the players. Profit depends on it. Players think that the game is built on chance, and part of it is, but only a part of it. In fact, companies have modified this randomness by regulating the results.

The casino can cheat

The casino can "hook" the player, allowing him to win small bets. The player starts to believe in his luck and is ready to risk a larger amount, but most often loses as a result. And it is impossible to check this: the entire algorithm is hidden from users.

The odds are always on the casino's side

When playing in a casino, there is never a 50/50 probability. At best, this ratio may be 48/52 in favor of the casino. This means that the odds will always be on the casino's side.

You can win 5-10 bets or sessions may be. But on the distance, casino will get your money.

Blockchain & Binary Options

With the advent of blockchain, everything changed. Based on it, games were made that provide players with transparency: at any time, users can check the result and make sure that everything was fair. based on this principle. The platform provides binary options trading and is fully decentralized. This means that no one will "tweak" the results or block your account so that you can't withdraw money.

And when trading binary options, you do not have to calculate the resistance and support levels for cryptocurrencies prices. You predict and bet only on whether the coin rate will rise or not. With a favorable outcome, you take the entire bank.

Bulls Vs Bears is based on a PVP system: players compete against each other. The broker is not interested in deceiving the players on the contrary, it is more profitable for the broker if players want to continue. The broker receives only a small percentage of the winnings. With this approach, both sides are equal: neither player has an advantage over the other.

Any player can get an advantage. First you train and gain experience, and then gradually your skill will improve and you will rarely lose, and there are few such players - less than 10%. The main part is made up of players who just come to gamble and kill time. Experienced players have a strong advantage over them, and they will often win.
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