Making trading transparent and anonymous

The forex market is not transparent. There is a lot of evidence that brokers cheat their customers. They can hide all their manipulations and "tweak" the results of deals and slippage in their favor, and no one can check it. Blockchain has eliminated this drawback and made the industry transparent to the players.

But even then it was not all smooth. Many companies have realized that it is enough just to stick the word "blockchain" to their casino or broker name and continued to deceive players. They can mimic the functionality of decentralized technology and easily fake data, convincing users that everything is open and honest. But this is not true.

To correct this situation, cryptocurrency experts have developed a decentralized Tron system that allows you to create applications for players around the world truly based on the blockchain. The TRX cryptocurrency has become the main coin for gambling applications. The Tron platform is reliable and has earned the trust of users.

Binary options broker Bulls Vs Bears has developed a platform based on the Tron blockchain, which gives transparency to their players. You no longer need to worry that the broker may freeze your account and you will not be able to withdraw your fuds. does not have a single control center: all transactions are carried out by users themselves, and the broker acts only as an intermediary.

TRX - the main cryptocurrency for casino and trading enthusiasts

TRX is the ideal currency for online betting and trading, because of the following advantages for users:

Fast transaction. The cryptocurrency has one of the largest bandwidth capacities. TRX can process 2000 transactions per second. For comparison, Ripple can process 1,500 transactions per second, and Ethereum can only process 15.

High level of trust. Users trust the Tron blockchain. TRX has been in existence since 2017 and has been able to establish itself as a reliable project.

Decentralization. No one will freeze payments and will not be able to "tweak" the results of players - everything is displayed on the blockchain, and players can check it at any time. You can't be cheated.

Anonymity. Users can only see transactions, but there is no way to know who made them. No one will know about your passion: nor your wife, nor your bank, nor your parents.

Why binary options are better than trading.

In trading, the amount of profit depends on how much the rate will grow. For each trade, the player pays a fee, which "consumes" part of his profit. The cryptocurrency market is volatile, but it is rare for the exchange rate to rise sharply by 20% or more in a day. Therefore, traders often have to wait a long time to get a tangible profit: days, weeks, months. On binary options, you can win from 100% to 10000% in a matter of minutes.

Major players influence the crypto market. They can easily pump cryptocurrencies and then crash the exchange rate, as a result of which other traders often lose money. But there is a way to avoid this. In Bulls Vs Bears players play against each other. You just guess which way the rate will go, but do not participate in the auction itself. This is easier than trading on a crypto exchange, but the profit is much higher.

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